October 20, 2009

25 Random Things about me.


I spent a decently long time wondering if I wanted to repeat this exercise but in the end I gave in to the joint demands of procrastination and narcissism and began to produce this, err, 25 point statement on myself.



1) I am an extremist. I could excuse the tendency by blaming it on genetics but I truly suspect that much of the predilection is a choice based on boredom with the 'middle ground' and a penchant for drama.

2) I am narcissistic. Very narcissistic. Show me a mirror and I NEED to look in it. And compliments make me very very happy.

3) I detest giving in to peer pressure. I believe there's no point in breaking (or following) rules unless I do it for myself.

4) I wholly and completely reserve the right to change my mind about anything I want provided I can justify the decision to myself.

5) Right now, I'm torn between equally strong but wholly contradicting needs for both change and stability. Needless to say it's screwing with my head just a little bit.

6) I have no favorite color, I have color moods. Right now I think it's autumn colors for me.

7) I am jealous of people with colored eyes. I honestly feel that if this world was fair I would have had green eyes.

8) I have managed time and again to take procrastination to a whole new level.

9) I'm opinionated, and I love it.

10) In my past life I was an Egyptian cat goddess.

11) I have OCD.

12) I study Anthropology, which I enjoy, because it allows me to make sense of the seemingly absurd.

13) I am not religious, but I believe in God. I do not pray, but I will not tell a lie. I am not pious, but I am not a hypocrite. In my opinion the latter somewhat outweighs the former.

14) I prefer to be thought of as unapproachable (I have been called intimidating more than once) until I decide to be thought of as otherwise.

15) For an intelligent human being I have come across as a bubble-headed flake more times than I can remember!

16) I don't believe in holding grudges. For the most part they're a senseless waste of valuable time, energy and emotion.

17) My mind is a like a sieve. I forget things a little too easily.

18) I delight in being feminine. Absolutely.

19) I have a list of things to do before I die. I'm determined to get through the bulk of it before the inevitable hits.

20) I used to hate being alone. Now, I find comfort in being by myself.

21) Dancing, for me, is the ultimate high.

22) I like turbulence in airplanes, the rocking motion helps me sleep better. The rougher the flight, the more I enjoy it. Ditto with cars, the faster I'm being driven the more I enjoy the ride. Ironically, I'm terrified of rollercoasters! :P

23) I openly express most emotions except intense pain and intense fear. These two I prefer to mask no matter what.

24) I like difficult people. The quirkier they are the more I enjoy them.

25) I'm an optimistic-cynic. I don't expect anything to go right, I just hope it somehow manages to do so.


If anyone chooses to respond to this tag with 25 points of their own, let me know! :P


Deepak Iyer said...

Regular readers know most of this, no ?
I was expecting more scandalous revelations; maybe next time.

Xeb said...

My apologies. Next time I shall reveal 25 skeletons. Promise! :P

brok3n said...

opinion-ism FTW!
Agree with you about not holding grudges either. And I can tell no. 24 is so very true in your case having read some of the replies you've made to your anonymous commenters. lol.

Xeb said...


mehreenkasana said...


Xeb said...


Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Number 5 is wat i was talking abt...
And i didnt know abt number 2...:P

Xeb said...

Haha, well now you do!:P

OnLY OnE..! said...

Am very much like # 22 as well...terrified of roller coasters but bring on the turbulence and fast cars :)

Anonymous said...

Just 25?? whyyy?? why not make it 101 Random Things about me.

Deepak Iyer said...

That also reminds me, did the other person publish her side of why you are single ?
Now that would be cool [:)]

Xeb said...

Anon: Who has the time to write and read 101 of these damn things? :P

D: I'm still waiting for those too! :P

the sheikh said...

@X: Haha, let's put a mirror in front of you and we'll see who writes down 101 things about themselves :D

Xeb said...

ts: True! :P I have an entire blog on myself, I suppose 101 things are nothing comparatively. *hehe*