September 2, 2009

There are blood-sisters, and then there are soul-sisters. It's one of the latter I spoke to today:


H: I have developed a major crush :P like majorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Me: Who on?

H: A guy? hahahaha sorry, couldn't resist :P I cant tell you, I stalked him, and he's on your fb
so no, cant tell you :P

Me: You realize now I must-must know, right?

H: aaaaaaahhh, I will deny if it ever comes back to me, EVER, It's 'A' :| the guy is charming

Me: hahahahahahahah, 'A' did you say?

H: Don't you laugh at me :(

Me: Tell me something, do you know him, and/or well?

H: yes, to both

Me: you've known him for a while?

H: So give me the dirt. yes

Me: Well, err, A's a good friend of mine. Now.

H: hmm

Me: But our beginnings were a little rocky.

H: Well technically I've only known him about six seven months...

Me: I had a huge huge crush on him myself a long time ago!

H: Seriously?

Me: Which is why I laugh

H: :(, show me one person who doesnt have a crush on him.

Me: Looks like Mr. A is going places :P Well, A is a great friend :P but as for your crush, if he reciprocates, you should go for it, but with with your eyes open :). As i said, he's a great guy and just because he was an ass once (and we definitely got our wires crossed big time, both of us) doesn't mean he will always be, and with everyone know what i mean?

H: Hmm, he's still an ass. yes. but I know, nothing is coming out of it. so this is just good hearted bitching ive been doing

Me: Is he flirting with you? :P

H: Totally, and im flirting back.

Me: Ofcourse he is, well next time you talk to him, tell him Xeb says hi :P

H: Tell me about you and him...

Me: So, i met A in 2003, the year S and I broke up for the first time. He was directing a play I was acting in and I fell for him - big time. In retrospect, a lot of it was probably rebound, but I have no idea why it was A I fell for given that there were undoubtedly hotter men around. Incidentally, at that time A was going out with the girl who subsequently broke his heart by marrying someone else ergo turning him into the ass he undoubtedly is. Anyhow so we met, he was unattainable, and S and I got back together about 3 months later.

H: Is this the girl who taught him how to waltz?

Me: This is the girl who taught him how to waltz. (And he taught me how to waltz :)) Anyhow, as luck would have it, A and i got back in touch about 2 years later, ironically just when I was single again. We met, we flirted, we were interested, except I thought he was interested in a lot more than he was. And I totally fell for him, only to be thoroughly hurt when it all fell apart even before it ever began. And I was too stubborn to make any advances on my own. He left, and I let him go.

H: Ah, but that gentleman is always upfront about what he wants.

Me: Ah, but this was immediately after earthquake.

H: oh crap.

Me: I was more vulnerable than I've ever been, and the truth is I really did fall for him very badly.

H: I remember, your life was a mess then :S

Me: Hup. he added to the messiness. But anyhow, A and I are now friends. and - I think - good friends. We've met often since. and as you say, that gentleman is extremely clear about what he wants. But so am I you see :P

H: Yup and thats no strings attatched....

Me: ...ergo our wants don't coincide

H: hahaha

Me: The thing is A is far more complex than most people realize. If anyone is deperate for strings, it is A, he just doesn't know it yet.

H: yes, I told him that.

Me: Ironically, he's finally reached the point where I believe he'd give me what I wanted before. Except I don't want it from him anymore. :P

H: ahahaha, atta girl!

Me: But as iIsaid, it's a long, complicated, slightly strange story where he kept popping up in my life whenever I was suddenly single. It's like it was kismet :P Except sometimes kismet makes you wiser. Anyhow, I can totally see why you would have a thing for him but be careful, which would be my only advice when dealing with this particular gentleman.

H: Its all about timing, always has been, always will be.

Me: A's and mine, it's always - always been wrong. You - like me - think there's more to A than he lets on that he's hurt and underneath all the bluster he's just lonely, I know that for a fact now maybe you do too (or maybe you dont).

H: I told him that, straight out. I'm not sure he was very happy about it.

Me: But the idiocy behind the decisions I took then was that I truly believed he was just hurt, and hurting, and therefore mean. I felt like if I gave him a chance he would prove himself to be a better man. The truth is, lonely or not, complicated or not, hurt or not he's not afraid to push you away, hurt you back and generally be a bastard for reasons even he doesn't fully understand.

H: yes

Me: If you were my sister... I'd tell you to be careful because I know him. But then I'd tell you to have fun because I know him. And i'd also tell you he's a great guy because I know him :)

H: Yes that he is...

Me: H my love, i doubt - very sincerely - if you and I are the only girls he's invested time and energy trying to convince to sleep with him. we're just the only ones trading notes at this point :P

H: hahahaha, totally...

Me: So don't cry about it. sincere advice: men like A are never worth crying over. they're worth enjoying because if nothing else, they're great company and err they're not half bad at what they're so busy convincing you about either :P

H: hahahahahahahaha, uff allah, what is this shit Xeb :P

Me: hehehe, it's called life meri jaan, fucking sucks :P


Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Hahahaa.. girls and their conversations.. Priceless.. :P

H said...

ahhhhhahhaha FML

brok3n said...

"when i broke up with S for the first time"..........

FOR THE FIRST TIME. -le sigh- ...and then it happened again.. =/ and...maybe even again....

soul sisters = <33

Anonymous said...

can i say.. this guy sounds an AWFUL lot like my fiance.. whose name is also 'A' (u slipped it there in one of the lines)..

and that it took a LOT of time and effort and flirting to make him realize he really wanted the strings attached :P


Ali said...

Okay xeb, this might creep you out. But, i have a feeling i might know this 'A' guy.

You guys were pretty popular back then..

Or may be not.

Deepak Iyer said...

You do know that you've written Ali there right ?

Anushay. said...

Haha. So much for trying not to write his name, Xeb!!

Deepak Iyer said...

What creeps me out most is that the commenter before me is also called Ali.

Just when I thought everything was perfect in your life [:P]

Ubaid said...

lol... ali stop stalking people :p

and people this ALI guy means no harm, he is definitly harmless :p

H said...

lolll look at you guys commenting away at our expense. should be ashamed of yourselves :P and deepak, the ali isnt the a we're talking about. trust me :P
and ali, you're wrong too :P

jesus. what is the world coming to. tsk tsk

Xeb said...

Haha, wow! :P So many Eves-droppers! Tsk Tsk!

LPS: *bows*

H: Truly! :P

b: well, once more. that would be when I made a rule never to go back, no matter what the temptation! That rule has served me well thus far...

Anon: This guy is most definitely not engaged, so you be safe! :)

Ali: It's not the 'Ali' you're thinking about. I know a lot of them, and this guy and me were never 'popular' together. In fact, he's very much on the periphery of my life. Except as an interesting story, now and again.

D: It has been brought to my attention yes! :P

A: *sigh* we try to be discreet, and we fail EVERY time!

D: The Chinese have an ancient curse which goes something like this "may you live in interesting times". I think I've been cursed by the Chinese! :P

UB: Which Ali guy you be referring to UB? (snickers to self at amusing word play)

H: Oh well! Atleast I didn't slip your name in! :P We be safe on one front atleast! *hehe*

Ubaid said...

:p guess kero :p :p

Ali said...

Xeb, i wasn't referring to someone named ali. I knew of someone else with starting letter 'A'.

UB, I am NOT stalking her, we happen to share the same university, and she was really popular there :):)

Xeb said...

UB: *blah* guessing games are boring! :P

A: Oh well, it's not him either! :P Aren't you many batches junior to me though?

Ali said...

Then i guess i don't know him :P
I was a freshie when it was your senior year, plus i still got friends from your batch so it helps :):)

Xeb said...

You're from 08? I wasn't your TA by any chance was I? :P

Ali said...

yes from 08 :) well i don't really recall all of my TA's. Per i don't think you were my TA for any of first year SS courses.

Unless you were my TA for cities and development, which i recall was Maria from 06 i think.

Xeb said...

A: Nope. I TA'd Comm Skills, and pretty much all the Philosophy courses....

Ubaid said...

Ali tumhey mai facebook per poochta houn... come online on msn stupid.... am waiting!!

Ali said...

I took Comm skills with Asif Iftikhar and Madiha from 06 was my TA. (she was the girl with part black part golden hair, incidentally she was the best TA i had over my stay there.)

Sorry, never took any philo course.