September 19, 2009

So I find myself at a cardio-thorasic surgeon's office in the Aga Khan University Hospital (rumor has it Lord V has offered to buy the facility, and failing that has 'suggested' that it be renamed after the late Mrs V, but I digress as usual.) While trying to investigate the root cause of a particularly troublesome chest-pain-type-thing the doctor asks me to stand back against a wall, and then proceeds to punch me in the chest around eight times (I lost count out of shock at the uncalled for pummeling). He then stands back, looks at me and with-a-completely-straight-face asks me if that 'hurt'.

Err, you think?!? :P


brok3n said...

Greys Anatomy is back in a weeeek =0 ...sorry had to mention lol. So..everything alright?

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

hey wat happened???
and yea greys will be back :P

Deepak Iyer said...

Well maybe he thought that since he was so handsome, nubile girls would feel absolutely no pain at being gently punched by him.

Anonymous said...

youre so funny:P

Anonymous said...

How strange! :) And if you have a headache, what does he do then?

I'd hate to imagine, xeb, what he'd be like as a surgeon...just cut off your leg, now that didn't hurt too much, did it?


JDèé said...

Well, did it? :P
Chest pains! Khaeriat?

OnLY OnE..! said...

The first thing that entered my mind was is he a male ?
and then it was just WTF all the way.

ordered-chaos said...

He was checking to see if the cause was non cardiac (something like a muscle sprain or rib injury etc) which in your age group should be :P

Docs operate on a higher plane ;-)

Xeb said...

b: *yay* for Greys! :) and haan, all good! :)

LPS: Nothing happened as such. According to doctor-darling issues are stress related.

D: Actually, this particular doctor is amazing. He's one of those who is entirely hot but not just because of the way he looks, but more because when he talks he just MAKES you trust him. I can't explain it, very charismatic he be!

Anon1: I sincerely hope you're not being sarcastic here.

Anon2: haha, yea! :)

JD: Haha, it did! My ribs felt - later - like someone had stood be up against a wall and punched me a number of times! :P

O: Yes he's male. And he's amazing. But yes, this part of the investigation was quite WTF inducing.

O-C: I bow to your infinite wisdom given that you be quite right! *hehe*

the sheikh said...

"the doctor asks me to stand back against a wall, and then proceeds to punch me in the chest around eight times"

sounds like an execution!