September 4, 2009

Our friend Doug over at Savage Chickens amuses me with his collection of Useless Mutants (UM). I figure they may as well amuse you too. I particularly like this:

and this:

It occurs to me that I - somehow - prefer entertainment provided by Mr. Savage to my good friend S's persistent desire to show me chicks being ground up. I'm not exactly cruel (well, err, not always) and I don't approve of animals being abused, but that said, I wonder why I need to see this awful production. And that-too-right-smack-at-dinner-time? Speaking of dinner time, I made pasta today. And it turned out pretty damn good. It occurs to me that one pro of setting up my own kitchen (when it does eventually get set up) means I may just learn how to cook. Or maybe not. We-shall-see! Incidentally, does anyone know where I should be going to purchase just-about-everything-one-needs-to-set-up-house, i.e. electronics, furniture et al at a somewhat affordable place?


jadedworld said...

The best bets are 2nd hand furniture shops located in G-6, G-7... Area called Sitara Market... There are a couple of shops there like Sitara Autioneers owned by Munir Waraich (051-2202298, 03005192006). You can get pretty reasonable pieces of furniture from there and electronics and crockery too. Electronics can also be found in a market called China Market in F-6.

Of course you can also go a-hunting at the various Foreigner ke ghar ka samaan baraye farokht wale houses all over Isloo... They're mostly run by used furniture dealers and occasionally you can get a good bargain.

If you want new stuff, especially electronics, the best bet would probably be Rajgan in Blue Area.

Anything else? :)

M. said...

jaded pretty much covered it. look in the sunday adverts.

A Wandering Soul! said...

LOL! I like these "Useless Mutants" =D
hehe! (A)

Xeb said...

J, M: Thank you! :)

AWS: Me too! :)

A Wandering Soul! said...

They're CoOl =p
Where do you get such things from =p
I'd like to have a collection of such things =p

Xeb said...

AWS: I'm a web-comics buff. You can check out Savage Chickens (this one), Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (SMBC), Sinfest, XCKD. If I can think of any more, I shall tell you! :)