September 1, 2009

"Mr. Rasool Bux Mengal, joint secretary of Baloch Nationalist Movement (BNM), was abducted on August 23, 2009 by plain-clothed men on a double cabin and had since been missing. On August 31, Mr. Mengal’s body, with his identity card around his neck, was found hanging from a tree at a remote location. The wounds on the body suggest the victim’s subjection to torture, including numerous cigarette burns and words carved by sharp edged instrument saying “down with BLA”. The BLA stands for the Balochistan Liberation Army which has been fighting against military action in the province since 2002. The BNM and other nationalist groups in Balochistan suspect that the army and the FC are responsible for the abduction, torture and murder of Mr. Mengal.

Mr. Mengal is the second high-ranking office bearer of the BNM to be murdered after the abduction and murder of the movement’s chairman, Mr. Ghulam Mohammad, earlier this year on April 3. Mr. Mohammad was abducted along with two other activists from his lawyer’s office by armed Frontier Constabulary (FC) officials, who took them away in at least three FC cars, according to eyewitnesses. The three political activists were kept in incommunicado after their disappearances and were tortured in military cells."

I'm supposed to be heading Quetta-ward for a project in the near future. Suddenly I'm not so keen to go anymore.



S said...

In a world that demands morbid choices, I would rather prefer going to a place where 'my side' is the brutalizer rather than the brutalized... I say if the people there fear the army and, by virtue of you not being a Baloch separatist, you are unwittingly on the army's side, you ought to be quite a lot more comfortable going to Quetta than, say, Buner... right?

ordered-chaos said...

I suggest you rethink. The situation is bad and frankly I dont blame the people. while I dont condone violence at the same point I can understand why pacifism rings hollow to those who have to see their loved ones' bodies in less then pristine condition at that.

Xeb said...

S: Agreed.

oc: Agreed also.

mehreenkasana said...

Leave BLA alone, is what I've always said. Give them what they want.

It's just so complicated and sickening to hear about another man's death.

Pakistan = In deep pits.

Desert Mystery said...

Balochistan is deja vu of Bangladesh all over again. This article is just a tiny sample of what is actually going on in Balochistan. The reality is much worse and is reported by websites that are banned by the PTA (Pak Telecom Auth).

Out of principle, I generally refuse to step on Balochi territory and be part of the occupation in any way, shape or form. Last time it took a holocaust of 3 million Bangalis for people to realize what was going...How many will it take this time?