September 19, 2009

The most annoying kids in the playground are the sneaky, whiny ones. The ones who can't stand seeing any good happen to anyone else, who want to be the first on every slide and who secretly wish people who look like they're having fun on the swings would fall off and break a bone or two. They're the ones who snicker when other kids fall in the mud, instead of lending a hand. Often, these are also the do-gooder-teacher's-pets who suck-up to anyone and everyone in authority because they know something good will come out of it for them in-the-end. These are not the stupid kids, mind you, they may just be the amongst the sharpest. They cannot, however, use thier ample brains to anything aside from their own advantage. They cheat whenever they know they cannot get caught. They wouldn't think twice about breaking a promise, telling tales (truth is really immaterial) or selling their soul to further their own cause. And when it comes to their peers, these kids honestly think they're so-much-better than the rest because they also know enough to know who to blame it on if the going gets rough. They're the ones who walk off smelling of roses when the rest of the gang gets into shit.

Those are the kids I refuse to play with. And unfortunately for them, my playground, my rules.



Deepak Iyer said...

Very deep insight into those kids .. I want to applaud you for the honest intro and retrospection [:)]

P.S. : I am also complimenting your sharpness.

Anonymous said...

are'nt you grown up though ? :D

Xeb said...

D: I'm scratching my head trying to figure out where the insidious insult is in this comment. I can't find one, yet. So until I do, thank you! :)

A: Nope. Not in the least bit grown up. And not ashamed to admit it! :)

uglyduckling91 said...

I'm the emo kid. I don't play.

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

hey whr did this post come from...??
im curious.. :P

Mahira said...

Dear Xeb, do u still feel certain something for Saad A? Please be candid...

Deepak Iyer said...

Okay here we go.
Introspection - You.
Retrospection - were smaller.

Still simpler, you were one of those brats, weren't you ?? [:)]
There you go, your insidious insult for the day. And my good deed for the day [:D]

Xeb said...

u: You can come hang in my playground! I have many emo moments too! :P

LPS: Out of ire at the anonymous commenter before.

M: Err, now where did 'this' come from?

D: *shoo* You're as bad for my mood-meter as annoying anonymous! *sigh*

Deepak Iyer said...

What ? I expected to be miles ahead of annoying anon !!

I am sincere, dedicated, hard-working and far more regular with my insults.
Anon is just a 'kal ka launda'.

Ubaid said...

Am a friend of ugly :-D

Xeb said...

D: True. You win! :P

UB: Haha, yes you are! :) How's school?

Ubaid said...

school nahi university :$

awesome awesome awesome :D !!!

the friends i made make me feel so much better, its like i live another life there, and am full time selfish when am busy i don't remember anyone, although my other friends are angry coz am not able to give time to them... per khair allah ka shukar things are good... PER SIGH eid aa gayee... and well most bloggers are emo and sad and some friends are low... and me full time high (highness won't remain much waisey) so its like cool :D

*main kitna bolta houn :$*