September 29, 2009

I hate it when I wake up sick.

I can't talk (full-stop). Yesterday my voice had reduced itself to a frequency too low to be audible over the phone, today it refuses to grace the world with its presence at all. My eyes are watering (no, I was not crying in my sleep). I have the beginnings of a killer headache. And my body feels like somebody ran over it with a truck-type-thing.

Given that first meeting for today is at 9:15 and the day gets busier from then on, this is NOT a good time. When will body learn to cooperate with life plans? This is utter & complete bullshit! *argh*

Instant remedies anyone?!


Annie said...

on set of infection babes...

Remedies (short term)

Panadol extra + Joshanda with water

Remedy (long term)

Go to the doctor

dont delay it... its been going around for days ... so many people have been sick like this past week or so... me included ..

Desert Mystery said...

Joshanda is the ultimate cure. That thing is awesome beyond words.

Hope you feel better soon.

the sheikh said...

Cofcol / Panadol CF.

Green Tea

Hope you feel better

Xeb said...

I had hot water with honey and lemon. I'm still sick. ARGH!

ibteda said...

Gargles with hot water with disprene in it.
If you have congestion then try like half a teaspoon of ginger juice, like , un-diluted.
Honey with black pepper.

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

You just need to sleep on time... Neend puri kero!
get sleeping pills or something..