September 10, 2009

As it happens, Lord Voldemort celebrates the first anniversary of his rule the same day as I move into my new apartment. Given that my demeign is as chaotic as Lord V's, I wonder if I should sympathize with his efforts to establish some semblance of control. And if he tries really hard, I suppose, perhaps he can convince the world at large that he truly does deserve his position as Lord of all he beholds. And if I try really hard, perhaps I can convince myself that my life is 'not' spiralling out of control and that I can handle this move with some semblance of grace. As it is, I moved into my new place on a night where it's raining cats and dogs outside. Incidentally, I wonder who came up with the phrase 'it's raining cats and dogs', and more importantly what-oh-what were they thinking? As it is, as yet I have spent outrageous amounts of money trying to furnish one bedroom and a kitchen that still looks perilously empty. My car remote conked off and while trying to 'fix' the problem so that my car could start without the alarms blaring away to high heaven, the electrician-mechanic fiddled around with something beneath the steering wheel the upshot of which was that now the electronic windows don't go down. My car, incidentally, is my father's legacy to me and a part of me hurts when I cause it pain. Right now I know it's not happy with me, ergo I not be happy with me either. Poor gari, it deserved better than to be handed over to some bogus mechanic type person to fix because it's owner does not know an axle from a carburator.As it is, I'm trying to convince myself moving out of the boondocks into civilization was actually a good thing. I want to be independent. I need to be independent. Eventually, I shall grow to like it. All I can think however, is that in Pakistan life sans servants may not really be worth living. Sigh. Maybe mommy had it right all along. Where-oh-where-future-hubby-be?


ordered-chaos said...

it took me a life in the dead city in similar if not worse straits for 3 years to ask the same, future-hubby is either a cretin or deaf because he has yet to show up!!!!

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Hey.. hope you get used to it... By the way if u want a night out into town... tell me... ill show u around :)

moti billi said...

i know! future-life-partner drop down from the sky! NOW I SAY!

Desert Mystery said...

In the filthy streets of 17th/18th century England, heavy rain would occasionally carry along dead animals and other debris. The animals didn't fall from the sky, but the sight of dead cats and dogs floating by in storms caused the coining of this colourful phrase "its raining cats and dogs"

Which reminds me of other colorful phrases that I want to use to describe Lord V but I wont courtesy of the Cyber Crimes Act.

Xeb said...

oc: Knowing our luck chances are he's a deaf cretin! :P

LPS: Sounds like a plan! :)

mb: I've been demanding that for a while now. Future hubby will get a stern talking to if-when he finally deigns to make an appearance! :P

DM: Haha, I don't know whether to laugh or cry when I'm consistently subjected to sycophantic Lord V praise on the radio.