August 9, 2009

To whom it may concern,

I hereby resign from watching any and all 'chick flicks', defined by those-who-know-these-things as movies that tell you tales of romance, of undying love, happy endings and fantastic things. A long-long time ago my grandfather expressed his distaste of pointless fantasy films. He called fantasy flicks 'ganja' films, meaning that the director(s) of the said movie could only produce such drivel if they had imbibed sufficient quantities of the good green stuff. I couldn't agree more. My experience of 'love' has reinforced the belief that a 'good' romance can only exist in genres of the fictional variety. So no ganja filums for me pliss. I can deal without the sadness that the on-screen happy ending-when-compared-to-my-dismal-reality-show brings me. Show me instead all the blood, gore and mindless violence of quality cinema. A serial killer with multiple sick festishes is prerferable to senseless depictions of 'the perfect man' who I now know resides in the same place as Santa Claus and Osama Bin Laden. For all these reasons and more, no more on-screen romances for me. I vote for Terminator 2 instead!

Thank you, Good bye.


Lonely Perverted Soul said...

i 100% agree.... no more romantic movies...

Deepak Iyer said...

I don't think chick flicks are about the movies.

Once you get your wazir in a shining kurta, I'm sure you'll belong to the same group you so detest now. I wouldn't blame you or judge you, nor the group.

Anyway, you seem smart enough to know all this already :D