August 10, 2009

to live alone
or not-to-live-alone
that is the question

or maybe the question is:
to look for a roommate,
or to get my own apartment
when I move to Islamabad
at the end of the month?


Ubaid said...

shadi nahi kerni kya ???

A Wandering Soul! said...

Look for a guy who has apartment in isloo n marry him =D
that should solve the problem =D

mittsophy said...

Moving to Islamabad?
How cool's that!!

Xeb said...

UB, AWS: I suppose that would be the ideal solution, however I suspect that this is far easier said than done. In the meantime life must goes on and I happen to have a new job in Islamabad that requires a move.

M: Na? :) I'm excited and scared about the move in equal proportions. Which brings me to the current dilemma!

Deepak Iyer said...

You should start a poll. Big B does that too.

Anywho, I vote for alone, that should keep up your level of frustration and frequency of posting. But if you don't care about improving your writing, sure, go ahead, get a roomie. Whatever.

A Wandering Soul! said...

Hmmm Well I think it depends on you. =D i mean it depends whether you can tolerate another person with you or you prefer living alone. =p
If i were you, i would prefer living alone in my own apartment =D

Ubaid said...

oh congrats for the new job....

waisey my mamoo is still single ;) ;P :p :p

A Wandering Soul! said...

Good one =p
Think about it Xeb =p

Xeb said...

AWS: In case you haven't noticed, I've been ignoring that last comment! :P

Ubaid said...

i don't like you for doing that =/

:p :p itni khuli offer kon dayta hai... mayra mamaaa aina vi paira nahi :p

A Wandering Soul! said...

LOLZ!! Exactly!!
It's not fairrrrr!! =P
You should think about this.
Waqai khulli offer hai =P
Waise i didn't notice that you were ignoring that comment =$