August 6, 2009

Randomness fascinates me. Because-it's-so-random. And randomly unexpected. Specificity, my darlings, is ridiculously boring. Dontchoothink? And randomness is just so much fun-ner. Blowing soap bubbles for example. One of all-time favorite things to do this. Even then, I wonder what made Samsam Bubbleman (what-a-name) choose a profession as random as being a bubbleologist? And then focus on making the world's largest free floating soap bubble. And not only that, a little birdie tells us that Samsam - whose real name is Sam Heath- first started his affair with bubbles in 1989, eventually forming a company called Bubbleinc that sells mixtures, equipment and performs shows for big name audiences. Imagine spending your entire life creating something so shimmeringly, translucently beautiful but so ephemeral that all it takes is a single *pop* and it's gone forever. Like so:

and *voila*

Isn't it simply bee-you-ti-ful?

Methinks I want to be a bubbleologist too!



S said...

Any job out there is about as boring or as wonderfully exciting as blowing bubbles, really... It's all about perspective... I'm sure Samsam Bubbleman fantasizes about life as an accountant... :P

Ubaid said...

did i tell you i like your colorful blog ;)

Xeb said...

S: You speak true. You be wise.

UB: Many thanks! :) Quite the change from the black and white one no?