August 11, 2009

Necrophilic princes aside, bed beckons.

Good night all!



Incidentally, regular readers may remember that I was once subjected to Mr. East Asia. I blog about that here. Not that it shattered my heart, but I must confess that my ego was a teeny bit annoyed that bohra-boy-from-Hong-Kong was not particularly interested in my many charms. The mystry, as mystries inevitably do, revealed itself via a mutual friend who informs us that our East-Asian suitor-of-sorts has a gori girlfriend. My ego is now satisfied! :P


Deepak Iyer said...

Pray to god the kissing prince doesn't have a cousin like you :P

Xeb said...

Hehe, what would be worse I wonder, in prince charming: necrophilia, or bad breath?

Deepak Iyer said...

Bad breath it is.

Technically, necrophilia isn't cheating :) so it shouldn't bother you. Better than kissing live girls, no ?

Ali said...

lolz... the girl in the picture is not happy at all, instead she is mortified at the fact that he kissed a dead body :D