August 7, 2009

More on China's 'Internet Addiction Curing Center(s)' here. Internet addiction, a bad-bad thing, is cured say-the-wise-Chinese by electric shock treatments. For those of you who care about such things, apparently more than six hours online in one day and you're an internet addict. By that formula - it-occurs-to-me - I may just be an addict twice over.

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Desert Mystery said...

Of course; dontcha know that electric shock treatments cure all ailments. Particularly good at getting rid of the pesky & icky free will and free thoughts

Using the chinese standard of addiction, I think I would been sent for a lifetime of re-edumacation. Does Crackberry addiction count as part of the internet addiction?

Lets hope Lord Voldemort doesn't get any Chinese advisors for all our sake :P