August 21, 2009

I just read two very interesting articles this morning. I choose to share the wealth before I disappear for the day. Article one (courtesy Deepak) is by Mohammad Hanif, who is rapidly climbing his way up my list of favorite-people-to-read. Hanif writes about coming home to Pakistan after eleven years in London and his words strike a curious chord somewhere. Article two has been written by Cyril Almeida, another favorite-of-mine. Cyril's forte is pithy political peices for which our lovely country gives him much-much fodder. Today's peice centers (like muchly everything else does these days) on the (non) precarious position of Lord V vis-a-vis our desi reincarnation of Hogwarts. Enjoy. :)


Deepak Iyer said...

Same thoughts about Mohammad Hanif.
Now I really want to read the mango book, I guess it'll have a similar undertone of satire.

Btw, an interview of his that I really liked :

Desert Mystery said...

Hanif and Cyril be wise!

Just to let ya know, I have found the cure to all the ailments of the Land of the Pure.

The Take It Easy Manifesto

Xeb said...

D: Would you believe I still haven't read the Mango book?! It's on my books to buy as soon as I hit the bookstores list though. The one good thing about Isb is lots of book stores. Very cultured city this! :P

DM: I agree. And I be enjoying the manifesto much-much. Am thinking converting to Dude-ism may not be such a bad idea~! :P Incidentally, there's a distinctly Rastafarian tone to the whole thing, which is probably what appeals to me to begin with! :)

veda said...

thanks for the hanif link

the mango book is great!
btw.. i recently read Daniyal Mueenuddin and loved him too :)