August 5, 2009

I can't sleep. And for once I don't have to scramble out of bed, into my clothes and show up at training at obnoxious times of the 'am'-type. Which makes insomnia at 8:30am even more of a bloody-nuisance! So I was lying in bed with my trusty laptop being randomly entertained and I thought I'd share the wealth by passing on some of this morning's gems:

So according to this source "China's prostitutes are better-trusted than its politicians and scientists". And why-ever not? Though Prostitutes sell their body for money (and-little-birdies-less-innocent-than-I-tell-me-they-do), they make no effort to re-wrap what they do and present it as anything other than what it is. And by the same token scientists undoubtedly sell their minds and we-can-all-see that politicians sell their soul. Considering the saga of Lord Voldemort et al, I must confess methinks our Chinese friends have a good point here!


the sheikh said...

I just read the same thing.

I ALSO read this on a forum:

"Q: I can understand religious workers and prostitutes - you know upfront that they're going to screw you for money - but why are farmers ranked so highly?

A: They're in charge of the hoes."

ha ha haaa

Deepak Iyer said...

Shouldn't you be lamenting the fact that Rakhiji has already chosen a groom ?

Desert Mystery said...

I have to disagree, you see, Lord Voldermort is the exception to the rule, as he is both a prostitute and a politician all in one. Thereby his credibility is increased with this combo and he can happily hustle away the future of 180+ million ppl. Its all in good fun, till the bill comes due :P

Bakemono-Imo said...

Well, think of this in Chinese terms. Religious workers are "Bringers of fear and judgment" , farmers are "Bringers of food" , prostitutes are "Bringers of Happiness . . . and STDs"

'Nuff said.

Ubaid said...

tagged :p :p :p =>