August 31, 2009

Dawn News reports that Pakistan has been accused of 'illegally' modifying US designed missiles (a claim they have surprise-surprise denied entirely). I'm following yet another senseless round of 'yes-you-did', 'no-we-did-not', 'you-did-too', 'did-not', and it occurs to me:

How the hell do you 'illegally modify' a missile for god's sake? Where are the legalities of what changes you can (and can not) make in a weapon of destruction? So it's okay for the P-3C missile to kill people at sea, however perish the thought that it kill people on land? If the US is so interested in promoting peace and preventing an arms race (now inevitable once Pakistan's speculated acquisition is front-page-news) why-oh-why are they selling the goddamn missiles to begin with? It's a bit like handing a child a huge packet of skittles and then saying but you can only eat one a day, and-no-cheating-okay-betaaaa!

Idiots. The world is run by imbeciles.


Desert Mystery said...

I fully agree that the world is indeed run by imbeciles. However, there is a little thing called ACEA (Arms Control Export Act) that all adorable countries have to abide by when agreeing to buy fancy toys from Uncle Sam. They basically agree that they will only kill wicked people that Uncle Sam deems worthy of killing and that no reverse engineering will be done (after all they dont want to have to deal with more competition in the lucrative arms export market.


Xeb said...

Ah. The method in this madness is somewhat clearer. But they undoubtedly be imbeciles still!

Desert Mystery said...

Plus also don't forget that the very strong and vocal lobby (from a neighboring country) in the US takes every opportunity to point out that Pakistan uses every little thing it gets from Uncle Sam for pure evil. Like all the toothpaste that we import is subsequently used to kill happy baby seals.

World indeed be a wicked place.

Xeb said...

I wonder how one uses toothpaste to kill baby seals?

*scratches head, walks off, comes back, is still confused*


uglyduckling91 said...

The world is awesome. :D

Xeb said...

u: *hehe* If you insist, I shall not disillusion thee (not this morning at any rate) :P

Salman Latif said...

That's right.
US' peaceful pose only reeks of it's double standards over it's so-called intents to the promotion of peace. It's the same shit strategy as they did in the 90s - creating the Talibans first and then render them fundamentalist and go at war with them.