August 12, 2009

Check this out: Uncrate invites die-hard fans like me to show their 'fang affiliation' by stocking our fridges with 'Tru Blood'. The advertisement promises that: 'Based on the synthetic blood drink favored by the more civilized vampires of HBO's True Blood, this carbonated real-world version packs a slightly sweet, slightly tart blood orange flavor and a rich red color that will have guests wondering if you're drinking the real thing.'

If I was in the US abhi, I'd have pre-ordered it by now (the drink itself is available both Sept 08). I wonder if somebody could check it out for me and tell me how it be? I be very-very curious. About as curious as I am to find out who survived (and who did not) the Church of the Sun's deadly silver bullet explosion last week!

And, if fake Tru Blood isn't thrilling enough for you, you could also check out 'Absinthe and Flamethrowers', advertised on Uncrate as: "Featuring everything from instructions on how to make your own black powder, flamethrower, rockets — even absinthe — it also give you tips on eating dangerously, cigarette smoking, and other modern day no-nos that will have you feeling like a real man in no time." Enjoy. :)


Bakemono-Imo said...


Arrey, why bother with make believe stuff. Drink this

You shall feel rejuvenated and younger.

As for the book, pfft, Google Zindabaad.

Xeb said...