August 23, 2009

Brat (my 14-year-old-cousin): Apa, do you know they never buried Michael Jackson?

Me: What rubbish!

Brat: No seriously apa! They froze him instead...

Me: Err...

Brat: ... and now he's being kept in a museum in Houston where people can go see him.

Me: ...okay-then!


ibteda said...

Actually, I read they did bury him for an hour or so, but then mom dear missed him and thought his 'fans' will find teh grave, dig it up and run away with her precious son. So she had him moved to a room freezer where she now visits him regularly and cries and sobs and tells him she loves hima nd she is sorry.
Then the family said they'd bury him on his birthday 9which falls in the end of August) as a birthday gift but then the dad gave a statment saying that the family has stuff to sort out before they can bury him.
I know, cause my husband hatees MJ burial/non burial updates and I obviously have to keep him up to date :D

Xeb said...

You serious? I thought the brat was totally BS-ing! The MJ chronicles get bizarre-er and bizarre-er it seems!