July 22, 2009

"oh wow, a post dedicated solely to me. love it. i'll reply to (and read) this so lovingly long post later. i do understand you have plenty of time to rant about everything you hate, but right now i have to go hide under my table cause you totally made me so scared -and- cause i'm such a coward. so please, proceed with your hating and ranting while i hide my face in public."

- Persistently anonymous and Anonymously persistent.

Dear Anonymous-who-feels-obliged-to-carry-on-this-conversation,

Since you insist in remaining anonymous, I insist on bringing you into the limelight. I'm sorry, I'm just a little perverse that way. But I'm truly glad you returned to this blog despite your aversion to my 'firangi crankiness'. I'm also glad you're going to take some time away from your busy day to read my long 'rant'. I would, ofcourse, be happier if I was sure you'd actually manage to take something away from my reply, but I fear that your mind is permanently situated below the desk you're currently covering under. As far as this blog is concerned you're both nameless and faceless, darling, so there's really no need to hide: nobody really knows you anyway. :)




Deepak Iyer said...

You really need to learn to ignore some comments. If you listen to everything in the world, you might realize there is just too much noise around.

But seriously, what a (wo)man. A real man would not be wasting time here, he would be competing in Rakhiji ka swayamvar.

Okay I'll stop.

Desert Mystery said...

Web trolls are best ignored. The more attention u give them, the worse they get. Sort of like politicians :-P

S said...

Ok... this is getting annoying... I vote that this pointless discussion be purged down the 'memory hole'...