July 17, 2009

Ladies and Gents,

I has been published! :D

Please to be reading (yet-again for some of you) ze article I has written for this month's TGK.

Autograph anyone? ;)


Desert Mystery said...

Congratulations on getting your article published. This was the original post that brought me to your blog in the first place.

I was at the Airport arriving from Dubai when this massive blackout occured at the Airport. The heat made the Immigration officials so dilusional that they asked me on what page my Pakistani visa was located on my Pakistani passport :P

JDèé said...

Yes, please!

Deepak Iyer said...


Can't think of anything else [:D]

Zainab Dhanji said...

so, you got a publication - that's great. Btw I read at the bottom of your article that you're searching for employmnt. Well, with your kind of educational background, I think you should defntly drop by your CV at SZABIST university for social sciences department. They have couple of openings, so if you're interested, I dont mind breaking the news.

eeda said...

autograph nahee, phone number?!
i be in pakistan, bored and looking to network making..
thats my excuse anyway.

lemme know! ( if ur not too iffy with taking this to real life =) if u are ill totally understand,.....and just continue to cyber-stalk u instead.)


Xeb said...

DM: Lucky coincidence for me, that :)

JD: One autograph coming right up ;)

D: Thanks :)

Z: I managed to find employment a while after I submitted that article :) But in case I do find myself looking again, I will definitely let you know :)

E: Give me your email address :)

Ubaid said...
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Ubaid said...

i loved what you wrote... AND YES I WOULD SERIOUSLY LOVE AUTOGRAPH!!!

you know what i seriously want to write about things in a different way, i don't know how to, because i think i don't read newspaper and stuff. But if you are willing to teach i would love to write articles :)

Ubaid said...


Anushay. said...

Zainab Kapadia (I LARVE the name), congratss!!

heewa said...

yaayness. gimme some lovin' :D