July 16, 2009

Considered dispassionately, says this amazing piece of political analysis, Asif Ali Zardari's performance to date has been nothing short of phenomenal.

And no, the writer is not being sarcastic. He may, however, be on drugs.

You know how everyone hates the one kid in the class who will ALWAYS suck up to the teacher no matter what? Well, now we know why! :P


Deepak Iyer said...

After her death we watched the events unfold at dazzling speed, with Asif having recovered his composure before anyone else.

This then was the prize that was at stake.

This he did by appointing his son as chairman and himself as co-chairman.

As Benazir's husband he had learned the techniques of 'man management'.


If the writer wasn't being punny in all those sentences, he is clearly encroaching on some puns.

Desert Mystery said...

Somebody please let the author of this article know that the defacto title of “Funniest Man in the Land of The Pure” is strictly reserved for the Karachi Electric Supply Comp. Chairman, and although the authors attempt at comedy in this article are appreciated, it just doesn’t cut the mustard.

First of all, he starts of the article by saying that he-who-cannot-be-mentioned’s performance is “nothing short of phenomenal”. Really…if this is phenomenal, then I suggest he look up terms such as…abysmal failure…catastrophic incompetence…nepotistic cookie monster :P

Then the tragic comedy piece continues that there couldn’t have been any other candidates who could have taken up the role of leadership. Is that so? Is this the best 170 million people could come up with?

I will leave it at that, before an assortment of Interpol, Power Rangers and God knows what else comes bashing in my door courtesy of our Mustachiod Presidente. Comedy is clearly not the authors forte, perhaps he should consider a career in something else…like maybe real journalism instead :P

Xeb said...