June 2, 2009

This morning I read:

"Failure is not the opposite of success. Failure is an important component of success"

With all due respect to the author whose blog I read regularly, my verdict is: bullshit! Failure takes you, along a linear scale, in the opposite direction to success. To successfully fail, is, I believe an oxymoron. And excusing failure is yet another way of failing. To really be successful, one must understand that failure is not acceptable. It may happen, but it's not acceptable. And the thing to do when one fails is to look at failure with mild disgust. Shrug the dirt off, and move on towards non-failure. Towards success.


Deepak Iyer said...

I am not sure if the author meant it to be taken verbatim (I did a search and looks like it wasn't me .. so we're cool)

When someone says failure is a component of success, it is not in terms of achievement, but attitude and personality. A person who is successful and has tasted failure would be a better successful person than someone who hasn't. That said, in the worldly scheme of things, both stand equally for what they have achieved.

Just my 2 paisa.

Ali said...

i agree with xeb, in the sense that i hate to loose and i hate to fail.

but a person who cannot take his losses gracefully cannot enjoy success.

Ubaid said...

thank God i don't write such things warna aap toh mayri band baja doh :p