June 27, 2009

So it appears I am not dying of the plague. Even as my head pounds in misery and my stomach cramps in pain I am told that the aching orchestra inside my body is not the result of some dread disease. I'm not going to be obliged to go through hours of rigorous testing as doctors try to determine what has caused the horrid nausea and inevitable retching. What has happened to me, I have been told, is simply heatstroke. A particularly evil version yes, but hardly fatal. The local shamans disguised as doctors have told me to simply relax (what-else-has-my-jetlagged-miserable-self-been-doing-for-past-week-I-ask), have lots of fluids and I'll be fine. What an anti-climax! *blekh*

Update: As it turns out Shaman may have been mistaken. Stomach cramps too long and protracted to be just heatsrtoke. Am too sick to be removed from house. Doctor can't make house call till evening. We have a proverbial catch 22. Am currently lying prone on sofa, breathing in-between-cramps. I have been told - by kind relative - that this is nothing. Wait till I experience labor pain. I want to throw kind-relative out of the window. Except I can't summon up the energy to do anything more than write a line or two. And fantasize about throwing relative out of window. The pain is awful. And I have been given four sets of pills to swallow now and in the evening. So much for frikking fluids. *bah*


Lonely Perverted Soul said...

dont worry ull get something nice next time... :P
Get well soon..:)

Deepak Iyer said...

Actually, I hear labor pain is nothing compared to falling off a cliff. Haven't tried either. Maybe relative wants to confirm if it is true.