June 12, 2009

I've reached LA, and tomorrow morning I will (hopefully) be spending the day at Universal Studios followed by a Mehendi. I've - ostensibly - come this-a-way to attend a wedding, however the wedding seems to be fairly peripheral as we debate about how we should be spending the next few days before the return to Manhattan and departure from the US. No, I have NOT come to terms with that (for-those-who-really-really-really-want-to-know), but I have consciously tried to avoid boring you (and myself) by consistently whining about it. Atleast until after I've left the country anyway. In the meantime let's talk about random things. 

I've just come across a book I'd like to read in the not too distant future: 'Sexual Ethics and Islam: Feminist Reflections on Hadith and Jurispridence' by Kecia Ali. Bazm-e-Rindaan reviews the book here. On the way back to Vegas from the Canyon I (finally) saw the movie 'Fools Rush In'. It's cute! :D The very-very few people out there (like yours truly) who still haven't checked the movie out must-must see it! :) But we warned, it's very-much a chick flick. On the plus side, the sound track is fabulous! Cyril wrote another thought-provoking but inevitably depressing article on Zardari. I'm wondering if I can seek political asylum on grounds that my President is an IDIOT (in caps even)? Staying on the political track for a minute it appears, according to this New York Times news report, that Al-Qaida is slowly making its way away from Paki-land towards Yemen and Somalia. Assuming this is true (which it may very well not be, but the truth is not as important as how pervasive this belief turns out to be) I wonder what the implications might be?  


Tazeen said...

I have often wondered about that myself, that i can seek asylum on grounds that my president is an asshole.

brok3n said...

First NY, then Chicago and now LA.... I am tres jealous. -nod- Have a good time at the mehndi.

Xeb said...

Tazeen: I'm not too thrilled calling myself a Pakistani aaj-kal. It is the most horrible feeling!

Broken: First Chicago, then San Francisco, then Vegas, then the Grand Canyon and THEN LA! :P I'm EXHAUSTED!

Deepak Iyer said...

@Xeb : Of course you are exhausted. I hear you even thought of trekking the Grand Canyon [:)]..

Ok I'll stop now.