June 22, 2009

It would be safe to assume that I'm not an avid sports watcher. I'm girl(y) enough to look upon the abject fascination displayed by the male of the species around physical activities with the condescending disdain natural to that-half-of-the-species-who-knows-better. I'm not an any-team fan. I do have, however a sponge like tendency to absorb random discourse around me and throw it out at appropriate (and often not-so appropriate) moments which leads to occasional moments when people assume I know what I'm talking about when it comes to sports trivia. Soon, however it becomes glaringly obvious that I don't. And the truth is: I'm happily ignorant. Not that I don't rejoice when the Lakers beat that-other-basketball-team-whose-name-I've-forgotten-because-who-remembers-the-losers-names-anyway, I did. But I celebrate on behalf on behalf of my cousins in LA because they're just so-damn-excited-about-it-all. And yes Kobe Bryant did good that day. But ask me a month later and I'll probably tell you I have no idea if Byrant plays basketball or baseball (although I'd be fairly certain it would be one of the two). Because I couldn't really care less.

Under normal circumstances I'd say the same thing about cricket. I'm fairly impatient around interminable test matches that go-on-and-on-and-on without rhyme or reason. I say where's the flash? The excitement? The drama? One day's were a little more interesting - and action-packed - but I have no interest whatsoever in watching unless Pakistan is playing because if I'm not rooting for a team in particular I'm not invested in the game and sports apathy sets in. More recently, even if Pakistan WAS playing I really couldn't give a shit because who-wants-to-root-for-the-losing team? And it seemed to me that cricketers steadily got more and more religious and less good looking. I suppose their appeal subsequently declined with each loss. I know die-hard cricket fans will think I'm blaspheming here, but I can't help the way I feel. You worship the cricket deity, I worship the excitement of winning vicariously. Occasionally our deities combine, although it has happened less and less of late.

And then came the T-20. Like other cricket events I dimly registered that something sporty was up in the horizon but I was too distracted to really give it much thought. But then Pakistan won the semi-final-which-I-had-no-idea-we-were-playing. And talk began of the final with Sri Lanka. And I realized, that when we are winning at cricket, Pakistani's are amazingly patriotic. On one hand, the Taliban may be taking over the country, we have people dying of everything from explosions to dysentry, our country is governed by a certified idiot. On the other hand we're FINALLY winning at cricket. Any self-respecting Pakistani (and many more without any self respect whatsoever) could tell you there is NO competition. All attention belongs to the boys in green. And to tell you the truth, for all my sports non-enthusiasm when I finally realize (in-true-bimbo-fashion) 'OMG we're wiNNinnGG' I'm as caught up in the excitement as the rest of them. My eyes are as glued to the screen as everyone elses and (because-I-tend-to-be-naturally-somewhat-exuberant) my cheers are louder than anyone elses! When the match ends and Afridi triumphantly raises his hands to the crowd I find myself wanting to run up and hug him. As he 'Thanks Gods' at the end of the game in broken English I find myself charmed instead of wishing him (and his cohorts) into the nearest finishing school. And as the 'boys' cheerfully exit Lords one by one hanging on to the cup for dear life as if they fear they'll lose it once its out of their sight, I notice that the team has gotten younger and - possibly - better looking than it was the last I glanced that-a-way.

Ladies and Gentlemen, like the rest of the country, it seems my interest in cricket has just been re-born! And now excuse me while I continue running around in manic cricles chanting *we won, we won, we-won-we-won-we-won* ;)


Anushay. said...

hahaha! The last para! <3

Opinionated Jaahil said...

Haha, I'm the same when it comes to sports. And I'm specially allergic to cricket, I watched the last two overs and then cheered when Pakistan won.=P

OnLY OnE..! said...

Wonderfully written
you totally deserve to go around in circles yelling 'we won we won we won'....shout it from rooftops also...it does wonders :)