June 9, 2009

It occurs to me that the only annoying thing about blithely spending money (and-I-do-so-love-a-good-spending-spree) is that the pleasure that accompanies extravagance is often accompanied by an annoyingly acute sense of pain when one examines ones' bank account immediately after. 

I think this pain that inevitably follows that pleasure is most unfair. And I hereby lodge a protest against the diety on behalf of myself and all other fellow shopaholics. Please to be listening, and rectifying the situation immediately. I deserve guilt-free moments of extravagance. *bus*


Manasi said...

Welcome to the world of window shopping! It entails a little harassed looks by shopkeepers and a bit of guilt on ur end to put them thru trouble, but it will absolutely get rid of your problem!

Try on something, look in the mirror, feel DAMN good and then run out before u feel like buying it or the shopkeeper catches u! ;)

drama queen said...

ah good god! in a perfect (shopaholic's) world!! wouldn't that just be absolutely lovely!

Xeb said...

Manasi: I take pleasure in 'owning'! :P I think I'm incapable of having fun shopping unless I spend money! *hehe*

Drama Queen: Hell yea! :) Hopefully the deity will hear, understand and rectify! :P Either that or I shall finally (after much, much effort) acquire a sugardaddy! :P

Deepak Iyer said...

@Xeb : I understand I might be tramping in feminine zone, but the solution as I see it is shopping with cash.
That way, you see your balance before shopping, and you end after shopping on a happy note.

Of course, this might not make sense at all, but what the heck, it is my 2 paisa.

P.S. : Please to be letting me know the places in SF you visited that prompted you to make the previous post (or the one before that).