June 2, 2009

I wonder, is resisting change a part of growing up or just growing wiser?


Deepak Iyer said...

More of my 2 paisa.
You are going to owe me quite a bit eventually.

The answer, acc to me, is neither. I don't see a big difference between your two options.

If I had to add a third option, resisting resisting change is a part of growing wiser (yes there are 2 resistings there; i just couldn't resist that sentence).

Xeb said...

You are not lending, you are giving. I owe you nothing but my thanks for your contribution! :P

And I like that, "resisting resisting change is a part of growing wiser". Agree wholeheartedly. :D

Deepak Iyer said...

To be honest, many things I have said and written have come back to bite me.

So technically, I always lend.

Xeb said...

Fine. If you insist then I'll let you have it on the 'technicality' :P

Ubaid said...

oh oh oh i know this one....


*thinks harder*

No i don't.... :(