May 27, 2009

Today, you must-must-must read this absolutely fabulous solution to what you can do in the even that you fall in love and feel the compulsive urge to have sex with one of your friends who (lamentably) already has a boyfriend.  

In other news (and views) check out Sajjad's post for just-released pictures of Prabhakaran, former Tamil Tiger leader. Sajjad wonders, in his post if it's wrong to think of him as human. I wonder how it would be justice to think of him as anything else? As anything other than a man with beliefs and convictions that he was willing  to fight for, and - ultimately - to die for. Whether one chooses, or not, to support his cause, or his methods - the sheer strength of his convictions and the protest that he launched and sustained for this long must be given due credit before we succumb to the inevitable and demonize the man, painting him in Hitleresque tones and attributing to him (alone) the evils of the modern south asian world. 

Incidentally, I wonder how Deepak can chastise me for not writing on my blog when he's been neglecting his for over three days (and counting) now. Tch. 


Deepak Iyer said...

@Xeb : Damn.
Yes I am on it already.

Ubaid said...

ok damnnn that was good !! i laughed my head off !!

and i have no sympathys for that guy !!

Deepak Iyer said...

On the subject of Prabhakaran, the problem with understanding everyone is that you can hate no one.

I am not sure I would respect someone's conviction when it comes to such issues. So would you condone and respect the Taliban/fundamentalists just for the conviction ?

Xeb said...

UB: It was fabulous wasn't it?! :P

Deepak: Point taken. But I suppose I can (and do) make a distinction because of the nature of the cause. Maybe I should not, and maybe I need to think about it a little before I present a reason for why I make a distinction between the two factions. I shall, and then we can talk about it. :P

Gigi said...

Have a safe flight. I hope you visit my blog too.

Arunima said...

oh boy, what an effort to sleep with a friend! laughed like nuts.