May 1, 2009

So Sid and I were walking down the other day towards Artopolis to drown our sorrows in absolutely-divine-nutella-and-berry-crepes and, in my case, copious cups of coffee. While we walked we spoke - as twenty-something-year-olds-in-grad-school-with-pressing-deadlines are wont to do - about the nature of life. And consequently death I suppose. But the conversation wasn't morbid, so much as slightly morose and a little sharp around the edges. 

I clearly remember telling Sid (and back me up here Siddharth!) that I've always maintained that life is one of those 'Choose Your Own Adventure' novels. You know the kind where you choose option 'a' and the protagonist gets eaten up by a nasty vicious crocodile while she's diving for treasure in a haunted lagoon (yes, I find it a teeny bit ironic too that she escapes mutilation by dead zombies, but then the croc gets her!). I've always maintained that the fun things about these books is that our heroine always has some measure of agency (well, vicarious agency anyway). If you choose options 'b', for example, she still dies a guesome death (hey, some things really can't be helped), but in the process she manages to find her true love, have sex with him (she's not a virgin anymore *yay*) and also discover the treasure she's been looking for her whole life. When she dies she has accomplished everything she ever wanted. And even though her one-true-lover takes the treasure she discovered and lives the life of a monied slut, he's only cheating on her memory (which really shouldn't count, shoud it?). Plus if we choose her options carefully (there is always 'c', 'd' and 'e' for our careful consideration) our heroine may just come back to haunt him into an early demise, after which they live happily in the what-comes-after. Yup, I love these books.

Anyhow, the point of the little anecdote above was to verbally illustrate how I have always, always held claim to the 'original' incarnation of the idea that life is like a 'choose your own adventure', adventure. But this morning, Doug Savage decided to steal what (for me) is lifelong accumulation of wisdom re: nature of life. And then, because unlike me he's a talented draw-er (of chickens and what-not), he adds insult to injury by illustrating the concept better than I ever could. (Oh-no-this-is-terrible-what-will-happen-to-my-brilliant-ideas-if-cartoonist-chappies-all-over-the-world-can-lift-them-out-of-my-head-and-pass-them-off-as-theirs-just-because-they-can-draw-and-I-can't!!). As evidence of my claim I shall present the offensive chick-toon below, and all I have to say (actually I have plenty to say but for now we'll stick with this) is: where oh WHERE were you hiding, Mr. Savage, when you sneakily evesdropped on me & Sid the other day? Do tell! 

Ps: Does anyone know of a good lawyer? Rat, over at Pearls Before Swine, just told me this is a golden opportunity to actualize the American Dream, i.e. sue-some-poor-sucker-for-all-his-money-and-live-happily-ever-after-on-life's-savings-while-he-commits-suicide. I think it sounds like a plan! :P Lawyers, please to be contacting me immediately! 

Pps: Because it's too tempting to resist, I choose option 3 (ofcourse) ;)


Bob K said...

I choose option #1, or actually it chooses me :)

Ali said...

i am sure u can draw better than this, infact any 5 year old can.. crazy chickens ...mmmm..

Xeb said...

For the record, Savage Chickens is one of my favorite webcomics! And Doug draws pretty damn well! :D