May 5, 2009

So I got a two-day extension by confessing to my advisor that if I don't graduate on time, and my mother comes across many oceans to see me walk and I don't, then I will have dishonored my family. I also told him how, in my culture, when women are a source of dishonor, they are frequently buried alive. I explained to him that if you connect the dots, and if mommy comes here and Xeb doesn't walk-the-walk-that-has-to-be-walked she will be buried somewhere underneath the Cherry Blossoms in Sakura park, never to walk again (but perhaps bloom as a particularly pretty cherry blossom?). He connected the dots admirably. I have two days to salvage my family's honor and thereby save my own life. 

True story. 


brok3n said...

good luck dudette! ...nicely covered ;)

Deepak Iyer said...

Thanks for the comment.

Btw, does your advisor know how much time you spend in the blogosphere ? :)

He is not going to be happy.

Xeb said...

B: Thank you! :P

D: *shush* I spent time in front of my PC. Blog is just 'there'. So is thesis. And on that note I shall depart! :P Happy Chicken's Day! ;)

Ali said...

chickens day? what is this world coming to :(

btw xeb, why doesnt your blog have anonymous posting option?

Ali said...

Aren't we a regular mukhtaran mai ;-)

Eeda said...

so wait a MINUTE,
*takes a break from munching popcorn teary-eyed*
DO they all live happily ever after?!!?

AD said...

do let us know if you mad eit.
cuz i sure hope yuo do :)

Xeb said...

Ali1: Because I like knowing who's talking to me and anonymous commentators are a little annoying sometime! :P Why do you reckon I should have one?

Ali2: No, we are a drama queen!

Eeda: We don't know yet. We wait and see. It depends on bloody-thesis ofcourse. Dekho ab kahani me kya naya mora ayega! :P

AD: I will, I will! :)

Ali said...

don't worry you will make it, give it a twist here, a turn there and you are good to go :)

because i don't like to log in every time i want to comment, and it will also make the other Ali happy :)

ordered-chaos said...

How could YOU!!! Knowing you waise that is superfluous ;) at least one shoulder where I can lay the blame for what is left (?) of pakistan's image....As a sarkar ka naukar 'that' alone should earn me some brownie points :P

good luck!

Xeb said...

Ali(1): Sigh.

Chaos: Haha, screw sarkar! I'm looking out for number one here~! :P

heewa said...


Ali said...

i am not ali2! i am THE Ali. :P

This little feud would be so much funner if the other ali retaliated. hmph. that last pot isnt really retaliation. its just... snippy. Kya bakwas hai.

Majaz said...

lol. All the best with graduation.

I'm sure your mum won't be disappointed. :)