May 7, 2009

So here's the plan:

Chapters 3 - 5 submitted, as of five minutes ago *yay*

Printed copy to be delivered tomorrow.

Chapter 4 - 5 due tomorrow night. *ick*

Note to Advisors (sent via email five minutes ago): 
Please to-be-reading bloody-thesis over weekend (while I party like there's no tomorrow)

Hand in printed, bound, PRETTY copy of final MA Thesis submitted to the department secretary on the morning of Monday, May 11th. 

Finally understand what everyone kept saying:

"Only good thesis is the DONE one"

Obtain (somehow) approval of thesis from both Advisor, Sunday, May 10th.

Thesis presentation: Tuesday, May 12th.

It occurs to me, that *maybe* I may be graduating after all! 


OnLY OnE..! said...

you do mean to say May right?

wow girl you must be writing like mad if you april 3 times and didnt even realize!

you can do it!!

OnLY OnE..! said...

*wrote april

Maryam said...

You will graduate. Inshallah. And walk your bloody walk that your mama will come to see X)

Arunima said...

the word verification was,"pureArt" wow!

All the best for the presentation!