May 14, 2009

Today, like many other days, it is

An irrationally-rational part of me argues that life is nothing but a series of short, transient moments. Maybe we owe it to ourselves to make the most of what we have, in whatever way we can, and just let the future take care of itself.  At the back of my head I know that none of what I'm doing is going to help. I also know that it's not going to last very long. Many, many times I wonder if these temporary distractions are ever really worth it.  

And then I go ahead and temporarily distract myself anyway. 

Such, my love, be life. 



Senilius said...

Not worth it but you can't control your heart. It'll make you do whatever it wants done, the most stubborn part of the human body. ;)

Xeb said...

I don't think the heart has anything to do with it (or maybe it has everything to do with it). I honestly think of it like a series of distractions. Games we play to take away the mundane dismal-ness of life in general. I could be right, I could be wrong. Or I could be both.

Ali said...

c'est la vie, baby? :-)

The french are friggin awesome.
French toast
french fries
french kisses
french letters
french brand chicken spread

Ubaid said...

*scratches head* HUH ??

Xeb said...

The french are fabulous. Ironically, a friend of mine from the anthro department just finished his thesis on exactly this, Francophilia (love of all things French) in American culture. Kinda cool.

UB: I think Ali means to say 'seize the day', just using a different vernacular! :P

AD said...

i always distract myself and yet i fail... :(
do you manage?

Xeb said...

AD: I manage for a little while. But distractions tend to wear off leaving the original loneliness behind.

uglyduckling91 said...

I don't suppress or distract myself.
I just umm.. rock on. =D

Eeda said...

let me re-write ur last statement,

such,my life, be love.

i know what u mean.
same boat as you xebbio.

Ali said...

yes. chillax yar! (fobbishness supreme :D)

especially the french letter part *toothy lecherous grin*

Ali said...

thats life eh :P