May 28, 2009

I miss you, very-very much. 
And I can't even tell you that.
What kind of strange non-relationship is this
Where nearly everything 
is left unsaid?


Arunima said...

i guess you are suffering from loving-a-bastarditis. I suffered from that sometime back, where i missed but did not say.:-)

mehreenkasana said...

I can relate to this so-God-damn-much.

Emma W. said...

Okay. To describe THAT feeling.. the only word that would come to any girl's mind would be "blekh".
It sucks to feel and not say.

Xeb said...

A: Love too strong a word. Bastard-itis also may be too strong! :P I'd stick to complicated situation, and not-very-approachable-person-itis.

M: Sigh.

E: It definitely doth suck-eth!