May 31, 2009

Even though 'certain people' will threaten to remove me from their 'blogs-worth-reading-in-mynot-in the least-humble-opinion-lists' because I posted 'yet' another cartoon, but today's Pearls Before Swine is FABULOUS! :) 

I will also, I think, buy this book when Rat is done with it! :P


Also today's Calvin & Hobbes, as usual, say's it all. And in color too! :D 


Add to the collection a particularly true peice of wisdom from PostSecret

Incidentally, with time I dicovered this for myself also. And I sometimes honestly do wonder why many of those people who were super-cool in school in recent encounters have come off both one-dimensional and considerably stupid. I also speculate on whether there intellect never really grew since school, or, school socializes you into categorizing this single-dimensional shallow-ness as fundamentally 'cool'?


I also be protesting what Huma be protesting. Facebook Pakistani's? What shit is this?! 


You know, with so many other people out there who say so many interesting things that echo whatever it is I happen to be thinking I wonder why I bother to write anything at all! 

(psst: did you notice I just categorized my own thoughts as interesting? If not then you're not paying attention. Read again! :P) 


Ali said...

writing is good, but thinking is better..
don't worry about what people think, your blog is awesome as ever :) :)

Deepak Iyer said...

*agrees with Ali*

*wonders if he should share his friends' thoughts about your blog at the risk of inflating your ego*

Deepak Iyer said...

*has no idea who those 'certain people' are*

Zainab Dhanji said...

So we share the same name, then u have this awesome quote about life pasted on ur blog wall which i read for like three times and then saved it in my notes, and on top of everything you come up with this 'interesting' post. (Yes i was paying attention)
i am compelled to come here again =)

Xeb said...

Ali: Thanks! :)

Deepak: Ego loves inflation. Do tell! :P

Zainab: Welcome :) Keep reading!

Ubaid said...

love the post secret one :p .... hehehe

and this was a nice post ... :D !!