April 13, 2009

You surprised me today.
In a very good way.
The part of me, which abhors
the cynicism eating my soul,
thanks you very, very much!


¤Γœ•B¤ said...

=) !!

Absar Shah said...

Bohot aala bhaee bohot aala!

(What else can I say! :P)

Xeb said...

Dear Absar,

In most parts of the world where rational thought prevails, it is considered better to say nothing than to spout rubbish. You may want to think about that! :)

- Xeb

Absar Shah said...

And you know how big a fan I am of rationality! :P Is baaray mein khud kabhi socha hai? :P

Yar kisi tarah to woh daagh dhonay hein na, and the shortest route there is flattery, right? Of which, I admit, I'm not doing a very good job :P

Xeb said...

You assume I don't know the difference between satyr and flattery. Which, as a self-declared linguaphile I find (intensely) annoying! :P

Moral: You had your say, I had mine, and now it's getting tedious. So cut it out!