April 23, 2009


To Buy or Not-to-Buy, is Today's Question.


Mohammad Ali said...

Hi, around?

Mohammad Ali said...

Okay, maybe not. I love your blog!

Ubaid said...

its nice... but i like dell more... but this one's handy ... go for it ...

Ubaid said...

why did u change your template :s ??

Eeda said...

hey..i just bought this laptop two weeks ago :P:P
um..okay, so the screen TOO big..if ur into that kinda thing then go for it, my last one was a 12 inch so im still trying to get used to it.
i had SOME initial problems, like windows shutting down on its own during sleep mode with the lid down, but havent had any since..
it does have a tendecny to warm up quite easily, which is a little scary..
the keypad is AWESOME
the sound quality is not all that great to be honest HP is better
..its kinda tinny? u know? and not all that loud either.. ( i like having my sound ear-splitting loud) tho it does have the 'dolby' sound system, not sure how much of a difference it makes..
um..OH THE MOST ANNOYING THING, u know the touchpad? most laptops have the right side as a scrollbar, u can trace ur finger back and forth to go up and down the page ur browsing,
this one doesnt.
it PISSES me off.
anyhooooooo..the cameras REALLI good, way better than HP and ACER... never used a DELL so not sure there.
the weights not too bad either, its spread out evenly so the machines actualli quite sleek and slim. tho i DONT think its as sturdy as a dell maybe ( look into extended warranty from sony definitely)
umm.... whut else, battery life is prehtty good, im not sure how long it is again in total, but for a beter review check out pcmag.com and other laptop review sites.
o, and DELL has better memory than this, but sony's have a better processor..and DELL's are fairly chunky too.

SO, um
u asked for the opinion and there it is.trust me it took me MONTHS trying to make sure i get the best one, my last one was a first generation HP tablet, broke down 4 times, got 4 major and 2 system recovery repairs in the 2 years i had it. hp's are known to be problematic esp if ur going for intense usage.. DELL's are better in that dept.

SO. um.ima stop my ramble now. sorry i jus wrote a mini essay there, but if u have any questions my emails bornwild89@hotmail.com..feel free to ask.


ordered-chaos said...

Nah, I so DONT like Sony :P