April 17, 2009

Pet Peeves for the Day:

  • Baby-talk facebook status messages! Like, *really?!!* or as you would put it 'weeaaalllyyy'. For heaven's sake woman, you're 20-something years old! Grow-the-fuck-up-already!

  • People who don't RSVP to facebook events! Really, would it KILL you to click one tiny button that lets us know whether you've received this invite or not! You're even more annoying that the people who click 'maybe attending' (fucking undecideds!) *grumble*


Sadaff said...

OMG..Thankyou!!!I hate those. They are such an eye-sore. I left-click hide their stories as soon as the "wealllyy weallyy luvvv uus" come on.

¤Γœ•B¤ said...

lolz... waisey i think the weaalllyyy thingy is cute :p !!

Marina said...

Haha! I often end up saying 'Maybe attending' =$