April 14, 2009

A not-so-nursery rhyme

All my hair is falling down,
falling down,
falling down,
All my hair is falling down,
Main ghanjhi ho gayiii! :(

(ps: to be sung to the tune of London Bridge)


Maryam said...

Mein Sleeping Beauty dekh rai hun. Tum be dekho <3

DysfunctionaL said...

i love it.. and i love the tweaked template!

Sadaff said...

omgg this was me a few months ago, still losing hair but if you are in the market for a new hair product. Burts Bees shampoo and conditioner(rasberry) are great. Its all natural and totally works and worth the extra dollars.

and i love the template too. its gorg and all colorful. reminds me of pcd's version of jai ho.

Xeb said...

Maryam: I have only two words: 'Bloody Thesis'

Dysfunctional: Thanks! :) Tweaking template brings me extraordinary pleasure since it takes up time when I should be studying! :P

Sadaff: Thanks for the recommendation! I'm going to head that-a-way (Burts Bees) next and hopefully it'll work for me too!

Ali said...

bald is the neW look.. try it

Arunima said...

Bald and beautiful!