April 25, 2009

My gratitude to OUH for introducing me to an absolutely fantastic performance by yet another phenomenally talented singer from Pakistan: Amanat Ali, from Faisalabad. He's beyond fabulous, he's in a class of his own.

Listen to him on youtube. Tell me if you're as impressed as I am.

The first song I heard Amanat sing, a recommendation from Omar, was 'tujseh naraz', and the funny thing was I was humming this song to myself a while back thinking I really need to listen to it, and there it was! :) After that I started listening to more, and more until I think I've covered nearly all the songs Amanat has on youtube. (Incidentally, someone made a nifty little clip titled 'Best of Amanat Ali' that's also a very impressive listen). Now, I'm more than a little bit in awe. Totally in love with his voice which, incidentally, has the consistency of smooth, dark chocolate. Honestly, I could listen to him for hours I think.

According to Wiki (what-would-we-do-without-wiki?): "Amanat Ali has sung for the Bollywood music director Bappi Lahiri for the movie Bal Ganesh. He has also sung the title song for K.C Bokadia's Junoon. Currently, Amanat Ali is working on his first personal album, which is expected to be released soon. He has also sung a song for music directors Vishal-Shekar in the film Dostana. In August 2008 he toured the US with fellow contestants maulie dave, and emon for a concert called Summer Beats 2008. Amanat Ali also performed the opening act for much hyped 'Unforgettables' concert which showcased the Bachchan family, Prieti Zinta and many more huge Bollywood actors. He has sung song "Khabar Nahi" for Dostana released in November 2008. His new album, Kohram, was released on February 14, 2009"

Incidentally, I think its such a pity we (from Pakistan) need to go to India to get the recognition we deserve, but never manage to get in our own country. *sigh* Sometimes I wonder if there's anything we (as a country) have managed to really achieve that we can truly be proud of. And the fact that I wonder at all, for me, is depressing enough really.


Omar said...

Very well written and I completely agree with you. You must copy nad paste this in the comments section at http://www.omarulhaq.wordpress.com along with a link to your Blog. It is a pity that Pakistanis need to go to India to get the recognition they deserve. Well said.

Omar said...

You must copy and paste - not copy nad paste! Sorry.

Omar said...

I can't seem to comment on your music section but check this song out as well, which is an all time favorite of mine. Not sure if you have heard it already - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7br52GPJ-qk

Anushay. said...

I never knew that
His tujhsey naraz was awesome. He himself is amazing!
BUT, I have seen the video of the song Kohram and didn't like it that much =)

Xeb said...

I agree with the Kohram comment. He could have done much-much better!

Omar said...

Amanat Ali didnt sing the entire song Khabar Nahi - he sang the "maula" part in the beginning.

Ubaid said...

Ok so first of all awesome post ... now do one thing download his album KOHRAM ...

and listen to following:
- Teriyan vey (already used this song to write a post)
- Thumri (this is a classic song and one of the most fav song of mine from his album)
- Tum Se Hee (i like this song too ... i don't know why its just catchy)
- Be Rung (ok you'll love this song i can bet on it... although its kind of sad)
- Raha Jai naa (just check this guys voice quality in this song.... it does take you away)
- Tujh se naraz (ofcourse this one is mest although he changes the lyrics)
- Roya Teri yaad main (its not great ... but yes it does have a meaning)

rest of the songs are just not like the ones which i would listen too !!

and oh yeah funmaza.com has its complete album in mp3 there to download but do this guy a fav and buy orignal audio... yessh i bought one too =) !!

Saad said...

i get free album! =D

he's brand ambassador for talkshawk.

Xeb said...

Brilliant! :P I'll buy a CD, you can get me an autograph!