April 30, 2009

Karachi burns today.
She bleeds, she cries, she begs for mercy.
But she is given none.
She never is.

On a trivial side note
(because where would life's tragedies be without accompanying hilarity)
on the GEO TV website (which is giving me the latest news on Karachi)
is a garishly designed red advertisement with a
distinctly desperate-looking woman with pouty-pink lips.
She looks directly at me and she says:

And I wonder,
(as Karachi burns in the background
and bloody thesis deadline looms threateningly in the foreground)

is this a sign?


Ubaid said...

damn... i need to visit Geo site more often !!

uglyduckling91 said...

HEY! I know that site!

Xeb said...

Ubaid: Haha, this is your chance to find 'love' finally! ;)

Uglyduckling: Haha, I'm almost afraid to ask why!