April 21, 2009

J: It's not fair Xeb, I put up facebook links on the horrible Sri-Lankan situation and I get no acknowledgment. You put up this assinine video about 'Busty Hart' who breaks metal objects with outlandishly huge boobs, and everyone wants to comment on it!

Me: So what does this tell you?


Me: We live in a world of idiots! :P So you may as well accept that sexual humor is going to out-entertain human tragedy any day, and just give your audience what they want. Also, you should say a firm thank-you-but-good-bye to your fancy ideals and become an absolute cynic like me. *grin*


Xeb said...

Jenneth Macan Markar: my comment - post it for me ( I cant do it without a google account)

No can do Xeb...a few idealists are still needed to make sure the world goes around just a little bit longer :)

brok3n said...

haha cynicism for life =P

Saad said...

gargantuan boobs trump politics, war and natural disasters. always.

Ali said...

btw- about not having any followers. try putting a 'follow me' box on your blog from the layout page in blogger. i'm sure you already have more than me :-/

word verification: unsenti :P

Xeb said...

Ali: I did that! :P But it's all the way to the bottom-ish of the page. Just underneath the blogroll (which is getting bigger and bigger and bigger)

siras said...

hehe.. kinda true! :P