April 22, 2009

It's that time of the month again. When you really can't escape the overflowing laundry bin. Also because you're perilously close to running out of clean underwear. Yet another thing to blame bloody thesis for. Were it not for my at-home incarceration as of late, I would have done what I always do at this point: bought more underwear! :P *haha* The joys of being a shopaholic with a lingerie fetish! But things being as they are, I shall have to wash my bloody clothes after all, instead of buying more of them. *grumble* And then fold them. *more grumbles* And then make space for them on cupboard shelves that scream for mercy while I struggle not to come to the inevitable conclusion that I have too many clothes.

*Life is not fun this week*


jadedworld said...

yaaaaaayyyy.. i got done with laundry today!! although i have summer/winter sorting to do still! Good luck for your burden! :)

Sadaff said...

aww ,laundry days suck!hope you have a better week. its just wednesday abhi. if not, you could go to the nearest laundry place and get them to wash/fold your stuffs(if that doesnt creep you out that is)
gluck with your thesis.

Eeda said...


i hope that link works :)!!