April 14, 2009

News, Views and other Assorted Rubbish! ;)

  • Nizam-e-Adal, (shariah law) was officially passed by Pakistani parliament for the Swat region. Score 'one' for the Taliban, zero for the rest of us. Apparently Zardari et. al. have not heard of the 'give them an inch' principle when it comes to the Taliban. One would think the experiences of our Afghan neighbors would have taught them something, but clearly their collective idiocy prevents them from observing the obvious. And so it begins and ab aagay aagay dekhtain hain hota hai kya...

  • These are incredible! Check them out!

  • In other news for today, ladies & gents, it seems we be international! *yay*


mittsophy said...

Xeb i love your ever evolving tempelate headers! 'n this one's really hip,where do you get 'em?

Xeb said...

I acquired a minimalist template of a random website and then proceeded to change it around almost completely! :P The pictures are in lieu of a title actually, and whenever I come across a compelling enough one (usually because it goes with whatever mood I happen to be in) I change all the other colors around to match! It's very therapeutic! :)