April 26, 2009

I'm a walking contradiction. And like both Shrek and onions I also have layers. I like masks, I like disguises and I like maintaining appearances. Fiction is easier to deal with than reality, because my reality is more complicated than most. Or I think it is at any rate.

I'm a gamble. And you're not a gambling man. But even then I'd like you to take a chance on me.

Because I *am* a gambler, and somewhere, deep down inside,
I get a feeling that tells me you should.


sanely insane said...

hoping that he does :)

the main blog pic...is mind blowingly awesome...i'm not even sure i want to describe it in words

Maryam said...

No, this is clearly in no way related to your post but I have to say it.

Xeb, yar, I LOVE your header pic!

Sadaff said...

This screams Poker Face by Lady Gaga or maybe it doesn't but you should check it out:)

I actually loove the pink in your template.

Sara A. Lari said...

Oh wow, this mosaic is beautiful! How did you do it? Do share. :o)

Marina said...

Damn good post =]