April 19, 2009

I'm a flippant person in general. Now, more so than ever. Making a joke out of everything and laughing about it is my coping strategy. I laugh most when it hurts hardest. Simply because the alternate is so much worse. What I forget is that most people correlate laughter with happiness and flippancy with absence of caring. It's not true. I'm most careless with those I love. I hurt them, always unintentionally, because they take me more seriously than I take myself. And I forget sometimes that when people care about me they give me the power to hurt them. But because I care about you, when you hurt, so do I.

So I'm very, very sorry. What I said was only meant to be a slightly annoying, but a funny come-back to what you said. If the shoe was on the other foot, and you had said what I said to you, I'd probably be as unamused as you seem to be.


Ubaid said...

i guess expectation is the thing which hurts the most !!

heewa said...

cause laughing out loud makes the pain pass by.

i know what you mean about laughing and being fippant :) and i also know how out of context something can be taken which turns into something huge. but then again, we hurt those who we love the most.

brok3n said...

story of my life.....=(