April 17, 2009

I met a professor - who teaches Organizational Psychology at NYU - last evening at a reception. We spoke for a while about this-and-that (the great thing about talking to interesting people is that you're able to talk about so many different topics in a single conversation). He recommended this video on Web 2.0 titled: 'The Machine is Us/ing Us' as a must watch for anyone who wants to get a sense of the past, present and potential impact of the virtual world on postmodern reality. I just saw it a little while ago, and I was impressed. It's tiny, well-made and very compelling. And yes, it does inspire you to (re)think a lot of things! :)

Have a look see.


xpresscoffee said...

but the video is not visible in your post ... I love psychology a bit and would love to see the video ! :)

take care !

Xeb said...

How strange. I can see it just fine! :(

But here's the link for those who can't:


¤Γœ•B¤ said...

first of all i loved the music ... it was so catchy and cool :D

and loved the video as well... so perfectly executed !!