April 2, 2009

I love wasting time! :) And wasting time on the internet means interesting discoveries which I will proceed to share with you because I feel that you totally deserve to drop whatever you're doing in favor of checking out the following. So come, don't feel guilty, sit with me and let me show you:

This, for example, is what I think the perfect love letter should be like. Short, succinct and oh-so-effective.

I have also just found out that one US Dollar is equivalent to about 37 million Zimbabwean dollars. Thankfully we're not quite there 'yet', else we would be campaigning to raise awareness like some concerned Zimbabweans are doing via this campaign. More pictures here.

Not too long ago I found out the joys of watching multiple movies on a single ticket. We saw four movies in a row that day, got into the cinema at 2:00pm, left after midnight. This was quite by chance however. Today, I find that people who know better have created nifty website-databases allowing you to be very organized in your 'movie-madness'! As Jeremy Stribling says in his disclaimer, "Yahoo does not endorse this. Neither does the MPAA", but 'I' very definitely do! :P

I just added very very cute boy whose party I attended a couple of weeks ago to my facebook today. But now I am totally stumped as to what to do next. Wait for him to message me? Say a casual hi? Remind him that we have friends in common? Argh. This is so confusing y'all. *help*

Also, Jason Mraz thinks 'life is wonderful'. Cynics like us may not entirely agree, but we give him due credit for a nice-ish song! Give it a listen.

Incidentally, if anyone want's to know what 'the fucking weather' is like, here it is.

And finally, I wonder why we worry so much, us single girls... if all else fails, we always have the option of mail order husbands. On the other hand, after taking a good look at some of them, the worry multiplies! *sigh*


Maryam said...

I'd say wait for him to message you, but he might be doing the same. So just drop in a casual 'hi'. See, if he's very, very cute...=P
Go say hi! Lol

Ali said...

Maryam ko kya pata ho. bongi hai. tell you what- add me on facebook and i'll tell you what to do :P

Maryam said...

Ali, baaz ajao.

Tazeen said...

just drop a funny message on the new fbook friend. Humor is the best icebreaker.

JDèé said...

Oh, so it was you. :P

Xeb said...

Maryam: I'm such a 'girl' when it comes to these things. I'll flirt but ONLY after the 'man' has initiated these things. And I refuse to ask anyone out, because it's an ego thing. But it's such so limiting! :P

Ali: Theek hai, tell me what to do! :P

Tazeen: Can't think of anything appropriate. Remember boy is very cute AND we have friends in common. My social image is at stake here! :P

JDee: Sadly no, your stalker writes a different blog! *hehe*

Ali said...

Fb first sweetheart. :-p

Xeb said...

Ali: (Displaying 1 - 10 out of over 500 results for 'Ali': Facebook Search). So, apparently facebook has a multiplicity of Ali's whereas my blog only has the one. Why would you want to take this conversation there when you monopolize 'all' (our collective) attention here?

Ali said...
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Maryam said...

Sai baat hai. Attention-whore kahin ka.