April 25, 2009

I hereby resolve, for the n'th time, not to have any more expectations.
Ever. Of anything. Or anyone.
That way the bloody bunny can't take me by surprise.


brok3n said...

true that man

Maryam said...

I tell you you'll break that resolution. For the nth time. Na.

Xeb said...

Ofcourse I will. I suppose the most annoying thing about disappointment is always the fact that I 'could' have saved myself the pain if I had just learned to expect less. Believe less. Hope less. Be less inclined to 'feel', and more inclined to 'think'. And other intelligent things.

It's fucked up. I'm fucked up. Life is fucked up. *fuck*

(okay that just made me feel better!) :P

Ubaid said...

You can't control that... we are just born to expect .... yet expectations kills !!

mittsophy said...

That's the opium we try giving ourselves after our expectations come plummeting down. Often we wait for that someone to come save us from our plight, before taking the plunge head on!