April 4, 2009

I had to change a diaper today. And even though I had never done it before I've seen diapers being put on babies and it seems fairly effortless. In theory. In practice however it took me forever just to figure out which side was front and which was back while the baby looked at me with a kind of amused-bewildered expression on her face. In the end, google saved my life. I love modern technology! :P


JDèé said...

It took you forever just to figure out which side was front and which was back? Why? I thought Babies were just like grown-ups, only smaller in size. :S :P

heewa said...

hahahah this is such a me-thing to do. i google practically everything!!
i even went to the extent of thaning google and jstor in my master's thesis :P

jadedworld said...

i swear this is so true... i actually ended up on the phone, almost in tears for step by step directions when i was baby sitting for a friend... wonder why i didn't think of google...? :)

Xeb said...

Jdee: Of the diaper, not the baby! :P

Heewa: Na? What-oh-what would we do without google?!

jadedworld: I only thought of it because the laptop was lying next to the baby's changing table. Otherwise I'd have been making desperate phone calls too! :P

Marina said...

Hahaha! You're a brave soul! I've already appointed my Mum as Diaper Changing Dept Manager for the kids I'll have someday. =D