April 24, 2009

I has finished chapter 1 of bloody thesis, moved to chapter 2 (of five btw) which - if finished today - means I have till Monday to hand in chapters 3 and 4. Five can wait, because nobody really knows where this 'conceptually brilliant' but 'extremely complicated' project will end up. Least of all me. I've decided to write a random post instead. Because randomness is fun. Do you know, I haven't left my building in days. I'm holed in like a flu-ridden mole staring at the computer screen (and multiple windows of both work and procrastination) hoping that if I give it the evil eye (I've been told I'm quite good at the 'eye-thing', you know the eye thing where you look at someone, widen your eyes 'just-so' and then scare them into saying/doing/giving you what you want. I think it's a trick I must have picked from my mommy who is btw, a master at the eye-thing). I digress, but since MY random post, I shall digress if I want to and YOU can't stop me! *hah* So, anyhow, I've been doing the eye-thing to thesis but 'it' is more stubborn than I am and all it does is show me the finger and run back into my mental playground where it does gymnastics and shows off its general brilliance but refuses to cooperate with me in any way. I think my thesis is a particularly bratty two-year-old. I don't have a title for 'it' which is fine, because 'it' will only get a name when it behaves itself. *buss* I realize that my thesis and I are two spoilt children who have always gotten what they want. I want to write thesis. Thesis does not want to be written. So Houston, we have a PROBLEM. *sigh*. Also, I have a picnic to coordinate tomorrow in the park next door with yummy-cherry blossom trees. Maybe it shall be fun. Maybe I shall be preoccupied with bloody-thesis and will suffer awful guilt complexes and make a hash of entire picnic. Incidentally, can somebody tell me where I can acquire face paint in Manhattan sometime today? Does anyone want to come pic-nic with me? It's supposed to be a wonderful day. Wonderful wonderful. Do you know, I haven't seen a movie in forever-and-ever. The last movie I saw was awful. A stupid sappy romance (and I generally like sappy-ness but this was just TOO much) and we only sat through it because the actor was so-very-very-hot. When I take my much covetted break (next weekend) I shall watch a movie, I shall go have chocolate at Max Brenner and I shall watch the sun set on the pier. I'm going to spend an entire day walking around Manhattan looking at people. I've missed people. I used to have friends. Who used to hang out with me. Now I avoid them because they keep asking me how my thesis is coming along. And they're out having fun. I don't want to hear about other people having fun. I hate suffering alone. Utter rubbish that be! I firmly believe that if I suffer, the world should suffer with me. *bus*


Ubaid said...

I don't want to hear about other people having fun. I hate suffering alone. Utter rubbish that be! I firmly believe that if I suffer, the world should suffer with me.

I LOVE THIS LINE .... as i do sometimes think of this ... that if i ain't happy neither should ANYBODY else ... but i know thats totally wrong.... if we don't have anything atleast others should have it naah ??

Xeb said...

Today: *nai*

(Tomorrow, I may be inclined to be magnanimous, we'll see! :P)

ordered-chaos said...

X, NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! magnanimity is so ultra overrated like a lot of other things! I so totally endorse this, funny thing is more I endorse, less it happens and when I decide to dodge fate by reversing my position bloody fate persists in not complying by courteously reciprocatin so 'hmmph'!!!!!

PS: Can I please have the name of the hot-guy movie,my ocular cells CRAVE relief!

brok3n said...

You have connections with Houston? PLEASE fill me in! lol promise I won't spy on you. I can't.
As far as good movies are concerned, X-Men comes out end of april -excited- oooh and Harry Potter to, sometime in May I think...not sure if you're a Potter fan though. 0MG Transformers 2 too. =0 ...so many good movies, just a sucky summer and a sucky year...but what the heck.
Kher get going with the thesissss and feel better soon. =p

Ali said...

Get thesis a female thesis. he'll be all languid and cooperative after getting laid ;)